Selecting all of the instances, then right-clicking and selecting Retire/Wipe, then Selectively wipe the device, seemed to do the trick. After a few minutes I was able to delete the orphaned devices in Intune, then a few minutes later I was able to successfully join Azure AD and the computer was automatically re-enrolled in Intune (Windows 10 MDM). ). If you build an intune device, sign in. Crosspoint, Niceville, Niceville. 4,849 likes · 21 talking about this · 15,452 were here.Our vision, simply stated, is "Connecting People to Christ". That's what we're all about! We're located in. Lewiston - CrossPoint - Easter Weekend. Cross Point church is offering three services on Sunday (8:00 AM, 9:30, AM, and 11:00 AM) in addition to a a Saturday service at 5:00 PM so all can join. When the auto-enroll Group Policy is enabled, a scheduled task is created that initiates the MDM enrollment. That scheduled task will start deviceenroller.exe with the AutoEnrollMDM parameter, which will use the existing MDM service configuration, from the Azure Active Directory information of the user, to auto-enroll the Windows 10 device. If multi-factor.

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